MVC Complaints Policy

 Policy Statement

Meath Volunteer Centre is committed to providing a high quality service to volunteers and voluntary organisations using its services. We recognise that we may make mistakes from time to time, and that people may feel that the service they have received from us, or tried to receive from us, is unsatisfactory. We encourage feedback, both positive and negative, on all aspects of our policy and operations, so that we can maintain and improve standards on an ongoing basis. If an individual or organisation chooses to make a formal complaint, we will deal with this as quickly and fairly as possible and put things right where appropriate.


1. General principles

1.1 Scope

The purpose of this document is to set out for all parties concerned the Meath Volunteer Centre (MVC) code of practice for dealing with formal complaints. (It cannot be used as an alternative or additional complaints mechanism to the MVC grievance and disciplinary procedures, which deal with the relationship between MVC staff and Board.)

1.2 Responsibility

The MVC Manager is responsible for ensuring that the policy and the procedures in this document are implemented efficiently and effectively. All other staff and volunteers (including Board members) are expected to facilitate this process.

1.3 Eligibility

Anyone using or trying to use MVC's services can make a complaint. This includes potential, current and past volunteers, voluntary organisations, statutory bodies, etc. However, Meath Volunteer Centre does not respond to anonymous or abusive complaints.

1.4 Treatment of Complaints

Complaints are taken seriously. Each complaint is treated equally, sensitively and in confidence. All complaints are handled with an open mind and investigated without prejudice. Complaints are dealt with promptly in an attempt to resolve them as quickly as possible.

2. Complaints Method

2.1 First Step

Where appropriate, complaints should be raised on an informal basis with the person best able to resolve the situation. In this way issues can be dealt with speedily and often most successfully. Where an informal approach is not appropriate or you are unhappy with the outcome of an informal approach, a formal complaint should be made in writing, addressed to the Meath Volunteer Centre Manager. The Manager will try to respond to the complaint within five working days of receipt. If it requires further investigation, the complainant will be made aware of this. It is hoped that most complaints will be resolved at this stage.

2.2 Second Step

If the complainant is unhappy with the reply they have received (or if the original complaint is actually about the MVC Manager), they can appeal in writing to the management of Meath Partnership within five working days. The management of Meath Partnership will let the complainant know in writing, within five working days of receiving this letter, that the complaint is being investigated further.

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

3.1 Meath Volunteer Centre Comments and Complaints

MVC monitors and evaluates comments and complaints about the organisation on a regular basis and seeks to make ongoing improvements.

3.2 Feedback

Constructive feedback on this document is always welcome. Meath Volunteer Centre will ensure that the Board consider it, if appropriate.

3.3 Review

This document will be reviewed on a bi-annual basis, or sooner if circumstances change.

Last Review April 2016